Osteria Italiana

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What is Rosmarino?

Rosmarino it’s the most common herb used in the Italian Recipes & also Dario’s favorite.

Our adventure start in Carlton in 2015 where we create a very unique way to serve Italian food.

Since the begin we decided to “TEACH” to our customers what a Pure & Authentic Italian Cuisine is.

No translations, No classical American-Italian dishes & mostly the feeling to be transported in Italy anytime you enter our little restaurant.

We had to move from Carlton & thanks to our friends Tom & Terry we found in Newberg our new home.

We will continue to serve Pure Northern Italian Cuisine in the way we like it, in different ways but keeping the same level of flavors & quality, with a big wall of Italian wine to choose from!

Sometimes understand real Italian cuisine is difficult but we will do our best with our staff to transport you to Italy without buying a plane ticket.

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We look forward to see you soon!


Dario & Sheena Pisoni

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