Osteria Italiana

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WHat is Rosmarino?

Rosmarino it’s an herb! Rosmarino it’s the most used herb in the Italian Cuisine and also in Dario’s cuisine. Dario & Sheena moved from Carlton to Newberg their concept created in Carlton in 2015.

“We decide to give to our customers what they will find traveling to Italy! Pure Italian recipes & flavors, no translation to what everybody know as “American-Italian Cuisine” and the most important thing, the contact with the chef!”

At Rosmarino you will find what Dario & Sheena got known for in their 4 years in Carlton. Completely handmade Northern Italian Cuisine served and cook for you in different daily events.

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Thu-Sat 11.30 / 2.30

5 courses wine pairing dinners (Individual and family style seating)

Thu - Sat

Pizza & Gnocchi Day

Sunday 11.30 / 7.30

Pasta Day

Monday 11.30 / 7.30


Tue - Wed